Sortimo at the 2018 Work Truck Show

A record crowd of 13,570 industry professionals turned out for The Work Truck Show 2018, drawn by six launches from North America’s leading commercial truck manufacturers.

The 2018 Work Truck Show hosted its highest attendance in event history, which made it the perfect place for Sortimo to announce the addition of new products and options to its Exxpand program to the public. The new products solidify Sortimo’s leadership position in the market as an innovative solutions provider with a focus on organization and mobility. Exxpand is a program for ready-to-market products and is the easiest way for customers to organize their vans and optimize their operations.

The Sortimo line-up on display included a Chevy City Express upfitted with the new MultiRaxx product. This solution allows the user to have accessibility to all items from outside of the vehicle.

MultiRaxx offer plenty of storage space and are perfect for storing heavy equipment or bulky materials in the vehicle. The product is designed for small vans and allow the user to easily load and unload items into the drawers without having to get into the van. Drawers include a large, ergonomic handle for easy opening and closing. Each drawer is mounted on 175 lbs rated telescopic slides to handle the most demanding of loads. For heavy-duty applications, a Heavy Duty Drawer System (with one standard drawer and one HD 440 lbs Pull-out Tray) is also available. Additional drawers and other options can be mounted to the basic package for additional storage space.

On the street side door opening we have a Wide 2 Tower which allows to store Boxxes on the Multislide of Boxx slide. The curb side is upfitted with MAXX Drawers. MAXX Drawers offer plenty of storage space and are perfect for storing heavy equipment or bulky materials in the van. Placing these drawers close to the vehicle door openings allows the user to easily load and unload items into them without having to get into the van. MAXX Drawers are modular and many solutions can be created by either mounting the drawers side by side or stacking them on top of one another and choosing the appropriate top plate or top shelf for the application.

Two vehicles were also upfitted with our new Roof Raxx product that will become available in Q2 2018. The Sortimo Roof Raxx features a modular design. All Roof Raxx components are constructed from aluminum and stainless steel materials and are corrosion resistant. Optional side supports can be added to create a bow style ladder rack. Additional options, like side rails, a rear roller, and drop down modules will soon be available.

Sortimo also displayed a Ford Transit 148WB Medium Roof with a variety of product including Shelf Staxx, workbench module and Flexx Rack. The new workbench module can be seamlessly integrated as an extension to an existing Shelf Staxx.

Sortimo is not limited to cargo van solutions. SUV and hatchback vehicles are also good applications for some commercial customers. Sortimo can also develop solutions to best organize these vehicles. Sortimo also showed a Tesla Model S with a custom upfit developed by Tesla with support from Sortimo and Knapheide. This Model S will be used by Tesla Mobile Service in order to phase out the use of gas-powered vans in its service fleet. Tesla engineers removed the back seat from the Model S and developed a storage solution for their parts and tools in the cargo area of the vehicle. The vehicle is upfitted with custom Sortimo SLA Slide Outs and various L-Boxxes for storage of tools.

Sortimo also offers off vehicles applications with the WorkMo product. This product is also sold through the Sortimo web store directly to the end user.

Sortimo keeps focused on providing the best organization and mobility solutions in the market to increase worker productivity. Our unique products create the ability for the user to take organization with him or her off the vehicle to the worksite.